M.C. Molds, Inc. was incorporated in July 1984 as a builder of  Blow Molds
and associated tooling to serve the Blow Molding Industry. We have grown and improved
each year since our incorporation and the future continues to look bright. Today we pride
ourselves on being expert in the field of container design, mold making and mold

We have continued our growth by utilizing our experience and combining the most recent
metal working technologies with the craftsmanship of our employees. As of January,
2018 we have a roster of 36 employees working 3 shifts.

The ongoing investment in our employees and equipment says we are continuing the
commitment to our customers, to supply the most technologically advanced molds . Our
customers benefit from our investments through exceptional service, quality and reduced
lead time and outstanding tool life.

We hope you will avail yourself of these investments and let M.C. Molds, Inc. put their
resources to work for you.

To help you become more familiar with M.C. Molds, Inc. we can mail you literature
describing our products and services, key personnel and literature describing our standard
trim machine products.

Please call or email us with any questions or inquiries you may have.

Robert J. Palazzolo

Email us at sales@mcmolds.com