DST - 2000 Spin Trimmer

The DST-2000 Makes Dome Removal Fast, Simple, and Economical

The trim cycle

The part is fed into the machine between the guide rails and then the drive wheels. When the scrap dome is engaged by the drive wheels the part spins and advances (because the drive wheels are turning in the same direction — either clockwise or counter clockwise), the dome is in a position that it is being engaged by the wheels and is driven in opposite directions there by causing it to spin ( it advances because 1 drive wheel is spinning at a faster RPM than the other drive wheel ) as it advances it passes a knife mounted beneath the drive wheel. The part contacts the knife and is cut and separated from the scrap dome. The part falls and the scrap dome is driven to a preferred location. When the part falls it may free fall or it may drop slightly and continue down stream via a conveyor.

dst-2000 trimming standards

Bottles/Parts can be fed into the machine via several ways they include hand feed, conveyor feed, and direct blow molding machine feed. Regardless of how the trimmer is loaded the trimming operation is the same.

The article to be trimmed must have a round dome configured similar to a pulley shape. It may be a V-belt, Flat belt, or Round belt, pulley shape.

The basic trim machine has 2 wheels rotating in the same direction. These wheels have a shape on the circumference that match the bottle scrap dome IE: V-belt, flat or round.

Beneath 1 of these wheels is mounted a knife . This knife is adjustable so as when the scrap dome becomes tangent with the drive wheels, the cutting edge of the knife contacts the scrap dome .

On the in feed end of the trimmer are mounted guide rails which engage and align the dome so as when the dome advances to the drive wheel it is pre-aligned.

On the out feed side of the trimmer a scrap dome guide is mounted that engages the scrap dome after it leaves 1 of the drive wheels, to guide the scrap dome to a preferred location.

Bottle guides may be positioned to keep the article being trimmed stabilized as it spins and advances throughout the trim cycle.

machine description

This machine is a dual drive spin trim system that consist of the following :

to provide 0 to 167 RPM’ s driving 6.88 diameter dome drive wheels. This system includes a knife holder that will accept a standard Stanley brand utility knife and allow for a full range of adjustments. Adjustment envelope is 45 degrees swivel, 1.50 inches linear travel, 1.50 inches knife to dome protrusion adjustment and .63 knife height adjustment.

The standard machine will accept a dome diameter between drives of .75″ to 7.00″ and a bottle diameter up to a maximum of 16.00″ when the bottle centerline is on center with the center of the dome.

The scrap dome exit guides provide for scrap dome ejection 90 degrees to bottle through travel.

All knife adjustment movements are supplied with graduated scales so a record can be kept of knife position for quick setups.

Adjustment for different scrap dome diameters is accomplished by turning a wheel type handle clockwise to move drive wheels closer and counter clockwise to move drive wheels farther apart for larger diameter parts. This adjustment can be made while the machine is in operation. This adjustment is also supplied with graduated scales so a record can be kept of knife position for quick setups.

The knife holder is manufactured to accept a .500″ diameter x 2.00″ long heater cartridge. The heater cartridge, controller and mounting bracket are offered as an option.

Features & advantages